Al Faisaliah Rosewood Hotel Brings World Cup 2014 to Riyadh

Al Faisaliah Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel has announced the opening of two large screens to air the World Cup semi-finals and finals. Located at Fawanees Tent at the Prince Sultan Grand Hall, the two screen’s, which stand tall at 11 meters by six meters will provide an exceptional live experience. The first match to be screened, will be the first of the semi-finals, Brazil V’s Germany at 11pm on Tuesday 8th July.


Located at Al Faisaliah Hotel’s spectacular Ramadan Tent, Fawanees, the two screens will be showing the semi-finals, which will kick off at 11pm on Tuesday 8th July and Wednesday 9th July followed by the World Cup Finals on Sunday 13th July at 11pm. A number of exciting competitions and games will also take place during the World Cup season, offering a variety of prizes for winners.

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The World Cup will be screened alongside the hotel’s popular Suhoor Buffet, which is available at SAR 250 per person.  The Suhoor will offer a number of tasty dishes from various cuisines, a variety of soups, salads and mezze and an impressive selection of sweet deserts.


Ayman Sallam, Director of Sales & Marketing, Al Faisaliah Hotel said, “We are delighted to announce the opening of the huge screens to air the World Cup finals and semi-finals. Here in Riyadh, we are proud supporters of the game and we are excited to offer guests a unique opportunity to experience the matches on a screen which transports you to the vibrant stadiums of Brazil,”


“We have been astounded by the success of this years’ Ramadan offerings, the Suhoor and Iftar at Al Faisaliah Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel have been a huge hit with locals and guests from across the globe. We look forward to welcoming more guests to enjoy the festivities of this holy month,” he added.


Al Faisaliah Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel is also currently offering a deliciously prepared Iftar buffet at the spectacular Fawanees Tent. Bursting with delicious flavours, the buffet features a wide variety of dishes from across the globe. Offered throughout Ramadan between sunset and 8:30 pm, the buffet is priced at SAR 330 per person for adults and SAR 165 per child aged between six and 12. Children under six dine for free.


Located at the top of Al Faisaliah Tower, The Globe, Riyadh’s favourite restaurant invites guests to enjoy Suhoor at the nation’s most exclusive venue. The Globe, offers a traditional Arabian night experience at the Suhoor with breath taking panoramic views of the city lights. The Asir Lounge at The Globe welcomes guests looking for a light Suhoor amidst a blend of modern elegance and opulence. Both Suhoors include traditional Ramadan beverages, water and Arabic coffee and tea. Offered between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am, the Suhoor at The Globe restaurant is priced at SAR 330 per person, and at Asir Lounge at SAR 200 per person.
For bookings, please contact Al Faisaliah Hotel on or call +966112732222.

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