Honor H1 Figures Take Smartphone Growth to a New Level

Huawei’s revolutionary new smartphone, Honor, has surpassed all expectations as figures were released for the first half of 2015. Revenue has catapulted to USD 2.63 billion and the number of units has increased dramatically to more than 20 million devices – a figure the brand is hoping to double by the end of the year.

Honor6plus (2)

This phenomenal growth means that sales for Honor in the first six months of 2015 has already exceeded revenue for the whole of 2014, indicating 100% growth year on year.

The H1 announcement that Huawei Smartphones grew by 39% – driven largely by the Honor brand – comes as global smartphone demand recorded just a 7% growth over the same period last year, according to independent market research giants GFK. Honor, regarded as Huawei’s flagship Internet Mobile Device brand, now accounts for 40% of Huawei’s entire 48.2 million smartphone shipments.

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As Honor continues its rapid growth into new and emerging markets, five countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia will be a key factor in its expansion plans this year. When Honor 6 Plus was launched in May via Souq.com, the device sold out within a week, prompting the e-brand to ship more devices to meet local demand.

Chris Sun Baigong Vice President of Huawei Honor in the Middle East commented, “As a bold and brave new brand, which was launched globally as recently as the end of 2013, we have already received highly positive feedback in comparison to other brands. We are excited to be entering the Middle East market and see huge potential to grow by offering something unique to our new dynamic customers.”

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As one of the fastest growing mobile devices in the industry, Honor has become the world’s No.1 Internet mobile phone brand, having already entered 74 regions and countries across the world and listing its overseas shipment at 3 million units. Currently an Honor device is sold every 1.5 seconds and the company is looking for a 10% market share in online phone sales in the Middle East for 2015.

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