Huawei Releases Selfie Superstar “HUAWEI nova 3” Smartphone for Pre-order

Huawei introduces an AI smartphone with advanced features and at a competitive price

Prior to the official launch of the new smartphone “HUAWEI nova 3”, which Huawei calls ‘the Selfie Superstar’, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia announced the availability of the new device for pre-order by several authorized retailers in Saudi Arabia starting from July 18.

Huawei introduces an AI smartphone with advanced features and at a competitive priceOn this occasion, Vice President of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, Mr. Pablo Ning said: “with the increasing popularity of selfies and the user dependency on which day after day, the users’ need for a smartphone with front camera to take the most beautiful selfies has become a necessity, which drove Huawei to build a selfie-specialized database using big data collected from a survey that included celebrities, bloggers and other users around the world. Through enabling the role of R&D at Huawei, we were able to build a prototype that can assist with understanding the mechanism used by users to visualize their concept of beauty as well as use the results to develop the best beauty-enhancing and facial-contouring algorithms and support them with built-in AI capabilities in the new ‘Selfie Superstar’ “HUAWEI nova 3”.”

Effortless beauty—AI-enhanced dual front cameras

“HUAWEI nova 3” features a new 24mp AI-enhanced front camera, a 2mp color temperature sensor with f/2.0 wide aperture to capture the image’s details and depth as well as add real and special Bokeh effects. The new front camera also offers a 35mm focal length for selfies, providing the best camera coverage for portrait. When an image is captured, “HUAWEI nova 3” can automatically recognize the scene, identifying both the user and background, with AI enhancements, dual-lens cameras are suitable for a very diverse range of shots while applying the beauty-enhancing feature to the user’s image to offer the most beautiful images.

Moreover, “HUAWEI nova 3” has a fun selfie-taking technique, using 3D animated stickers based on the user’s facial features. The new “3D Qmojis” feature allows creating a set of 3D emojis or 3D videos by reading the facial impressions through the dual camera to produce an amazing final result to be shared on social networking sites.

In addition, Huawei provided the new phone with a rear dual camera, and it is configured with 24mp monochrome sensor and 16mp RGB sensor with 6p dual-lens of f/1.8 wide aperture to enable the phone to capture clear images and have more control to edit them.

Besides the dual (RGB + monochrome) camera setup, HUAWEI nova 3 is also equipped with the industry leading NPU, making it the world’s first AI quad-camera device, able to make scene-by-scene optimizations. Also on the chip is a discrete ISP, processing the raw data from the sensor to output truly beautiful masterpieces.

Advanced Features at a Competitive Price

HUAWEI nova 3e comes with a 6.3inch FullView display which covers %83.4 of the phone’s front screen. Thanks to the phone’s overall elegant design and the interface in particular, the display matches the phone’s aspect ratio due to Huawei’s implementation of geometric techniques that enable the screen’s corners to curve symmetrically for a seamless and beautiful switch from glass to frame, making the phone the best in terms of performance and design.

The phone also relies on AI technologies to enhance its performance and speed and remain fast over time. Additionally, the massive storage memory allows users to enjoy playing games, listening to music and watching videos without worrying over storage limitations. Furthermore, the phone comes with Kirin 970 processor and a 6GB RAM as well as 3750mAh long lasting battery. Also, the new automatic user interface EMUI 8.2 offers a smoother and better android experience.

Most of all, the Huawei nova 3 distinguishes itself from competitors by offering advanced features at an affordable price point. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI nova 3 phone was made available for pre-order in Saudi Arabia since July 18 in blue, black, purple, and will be available in red color on 15 August. HUAWEI nova 3 will be available in 128GB storage capacity and 4GB RAM at 1,799 SAR.

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