Riyadh Marriott Hotel in a Unique Community Service

Life doesn’t have to be rich for a wedding to be extraordinary. This is what Riyadh Marriott Hotel believes in. This newly refurbished hotel conducted a media brief on Thursday evening about its upcoming “Wedding Fair” at the signature Mosaic Restaurant. It was attended by numbers of people from the press getting a sneak peek of what the fair has to offer.


The event is the second installment and was planned to pursue due to the success of the first fair held last February 7 and 8, 2014.

Riyadh Marriott Hotel’s “Wedding Fair” is part of the hotel’s commitment to local community addressing the challenges faced by would-be couple to have marriage. The main goal of the fair is to break barriers of marriage from planning, arrangements and especially the expensive costs involve to it helping young Saudis who planned to tie their knots.

Hadeel Odeh, Social Events Manager of the Riyadh Marriott Hotel and her team of Wedding specialists, welcomed the press and shared to them the[quote align=”right”]Riyadh Marriott Offers great discounts on all halls and ballrooms adding joy to your happy events[/quote] vision and goal of the event. Inquiries were clearly corresponded by the team.

The “Wedding Fair” will be held on July 12 – 14, 2014 at the Riyadh Marriott Hotel where discounts of its halls and ballrooms to be offered up to forty percent. For more details, please call +966 11 4779300.

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