SADAFCO Partners with NTSC to Drive Fleet Decarbonization and a More Sustainable Future

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, October 4: SADAFCO, a prominent food manufacturer, seller, and distributor with a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and operations across the Middle East, announces a strategic partnership with the National Transportation Solutions Company (NTSC) to advance its sustainability 2030 vision. This partnership aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions and establish a future driven by Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs).

This collaboration marks a significant stride in SADAFCO’s commitment to sustainability, under this strategic alliance, NTSC will play a pivotal role in helping SADAFCO quantifying the current carbon emissions generated by its fleet while charting an actionable and comprehensive roadmap for the company’s transition to ZEVs.. NTSC will assist SADAFCO in understanding its existing fleet’s carbon emissions and create an actionable roadmap for transitioning to ZEVs. This roadmap will prioritize vehicle availability and practicality, providing a realistic view of carbon reduction over time.Patrick Stillhart, CEO of SADAFCO, commented on the partnership, stating: ” “SADAFCO is committed to creating a sustainable future through decarbonization. The decarbonization journey with NTSC is another crucial step towards creating a more sustainable future. By switching to electric vehicles, SADAFCO will reduce carbon emissions and help create a cleaner, healthier world,” said Patrick Stillhart, CEO of SADAFCO. ” Decarbonization is a long-term goal that requires a transformation of the energy systems. At SADAFCO, we have already set up our Solar powered warehouses and are planning to add more. Moreover, we are delighted that we have officially embarked on our fleet decarbonization roadmap and certification in partnership in July 2023.”

The proposed project approach comprises five key stages. Initially, it seeks to establish a baseline of current carbon emissions, considering operational vehicle usage and journeys. Subsequently, the focus shifts to an investigation of the current state of zero-emission vehicle (ZE) availability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), providing a practical view of vehicle categories and potential procurement timelines.

Following this, the approach involves the integration of emissions data, fleet composition, operational cycles, and ZE vehicle availability to formulate a strategic roadmap for the transition. This roadmap not only serves as a guiding framework but also enables SADAFCO to transparently demonstrate its annual reduction in carbon emissions as ZE vehicles are incorporated into the fleet.

The planned approach includes five stages: establishing a carbon emissions baseline, assessing current ZEV availability in Saudi Arabia, integrating emissions data to formulate a strategic transition roadmap, and leveraging a digital platform like PowerBI to review and analyze results collaboratively.

This partnership underscores SADAFCO’s unwavering commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, driving sustainability initiatives, and fostering a greener future. It showcases the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation.

SADAFCO’s partnership with NTSC exemplifies its commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation, and a greener future. Both SADAFCO and NTSC are eager to set a precedent for responsible corporate citizenship in the region with this move towards sustainable transportation.

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SADAFCO is a leading food manufacturer, seller, and distributor headquartered in Saudi Arabia, with a strong presence across the Middle East. The company is committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

About NTSC:

The National Transportation Solutions Company (NTSC) is a transportation solutions expert dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation options.

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