The Official Launch of the “Applications World” Exhibition Mid-September in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is ready to host the “Applications World” exhibition – the first and largest of its kind in the Middle East. The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and will take place in the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center starting from the 17th till the 20th of September, 2018. The “Applications World” exhibition will contain both local and international applications under one roof to create a collaborative and networking space between investors, industry specialists and developers. Moreover, the exhibition also aims, through additional activities, to support Saudi startups and businesses through providing a platform to showcase and launch them.
Latest statistics show that 75% of Saudi citizens use social media platforms, where 63% of them prefer completing their daily tasks using latest technologies, through apps, due to its ease of use. Nevertheless, 65% of Saudi citizens believe that technology provides a safe and secure platform to conduct safe business transactions to a large extent.
The idea of such a special exhibition and a suitable platform (Applications World – in its first edition) came to life after taking these statistics into consideration, since it aims to gain participation from:
• Developers and app owners – Companies that specializes in apps.
• Government entities and authorities – Technical universities and institutions
• Entrepreneurs – Business men and women
• Business incubators
In an interview, The General Manager of Activities of Ghayah Investment Company (The exhibition organizer), Turki Al-Zowaimil stated: “Firstly, we want to send our regards to you all in these holy days. We are excited to see you at the first edition of the Applications World exhibition starting from the 17th of September which will take place in the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, where we aim to serve and support you in reaching your goals and ambitions as well as providing you an opportunity to connect with other app developers and a wide range of entrepreneurs and industry specialists through our platform, which is considered to be the first and largest of its kind in the kingdom.

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