The Petal Ads Roadshow 2023 Unveiled the New Era of Mobile Advertising in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 09 June 2023: Petal Ads, a leading advertising platform by Huawei Mobile Services, introduced a whole new world of advertising opportunities and unrivaled targeting capabilities to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Petal Ads Roadshow 2023, an exclusive event hosted at the luxurious Park Hyatt Jeddah on 8th June 2023 in partnership with Social Clinic, a Petal Ads Certified Partner, garnered the interest of Saudi advertisers, agencies, and media professionals seeking to maximize their budgets.

At Al Sohba Hall, Park Hyatt’s magnificent sea-view venue, Petal Ads specialists revealed the platform’s most recent innovative features and shared remarkable regional success stories. With more than 730 million global active Huawei device users, and over 580 million monthly active Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) users, Petal Ads is the perfect platform for advertisers looking to expand their reach to a massive, untapped audience. It incorporates exclusive marketing advantages from HMS’ smart ecosystem, and enables the communication of key information and effective advertising on a wide range of HMS and third-party apps, bringing new mediums and approaches for effortless and automated monetization with rapid results.

Huawei’s position as the operator of AppGallery, one of the top three app marketplaces in the world, allows access to first-party data that will shortly become essential. Advertisers may tailor their first-party data marketing strategy by having a thorough grasp of their target audience at both the device and app levels.

Petal Ads provides a glimpse of users’ usage patterns based on apps behavior, system data of scenario, attribution, and interest, while utilizing big data analytics to perform multi-dimensional targeting and deliver ads to the right audience at the right moment. Furthermore, the platform offers diverse ad placements with video support to increase engagement, in accordance with current advertising trends.

During the Petal Ads Roadshow 2023, Social Clinic’s experts also took the stage to present the latest Petal Ads’ incentive program. As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading digital agencies, Social Clinic has an in-depth understanding of the thriving local advertising market’s demands. In addition, Huawei demonstrated a number of recent HMS developments to the participants, reaffirming the company’s unwavering dedication to providing Saudi Arabian consumers with the greatest local and worldwide mobile experiences.

William Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East and Africa Eco Development and Operation, stated: “The Petal Ads Roadshow 2023 provided Saudi Arabian advertisers, agencies, and media professionals with a wonderful chance to experience our vision for this new era of mobile advertising. Petal Ads is constantly evolving by adding new features on a regular basis to take the advertising game to the next level. We will continue to employ the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and big data to revolutionize the way campaigns are planned, enabling businesses in Saudi Arabia and beyond to reach their target customers with outstanding precision, anywhere and at any time, while improving their conversion rate.”


Petal Ads goes beyond Huawei products to provide personalized ads for consumers’ daily lives on a variety of connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and other IOT products, solidifying Huawei’s position in the field of advertising.

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