Viral ‘Yes or No’ Quiz Filter Provoked Reflections about Father’s Love

Have you ever wondered if you truly know your father inside out? Can you recall his birthday, blood type, or even his favorite celebrity? If your answer is a hesitant shake of the head, then you’re not alone. Enter the viral sensation: the “Yes or No” quiz filter introduced by the popular short video platform Likee to celebrate International Father’s Day.

The quiz filter presents users with a series of intriguing questions related to their fathers, such as their birthdate, blood type, or favorite celebrity. Surprisingly, many individuals find themselves unable to provide accurate answers, highlighting the lack of awareness about their fathers’ personal details. This innovative feature is taking the digital world by storm as users engage in a series of thought-provoking questions about their fathers, unearthing surprising realizations along the way.

In an era where digital interactions often take precedence over family bonding, Likee has taken a stand to inspire users to reflect on the treasured moments and memories they share with their fathers. Likee’s initiative kindles a renewed sense of gratitude and admiration for the love and sacrifices fathers make. By facilitating these heartwarming realizations, Likee reinforces its commitment to empowering families and strengthening the enduring power of love and kinship.

“Fatherhood is a transformative journey marked by love, joy, and countless chances to forge enduring memories,” stated a Likee spokesperson. “We are excited to introduce this innovative filter that enables our users to express their gratitude for fathers worldwide. Through the emotive force of short-form videos, our aim is to empower users to not only celebrate the special bond they share with their fathers but also raise awareness about the indifference that can sometimes prevail. By encouraging users to put down their phones and engage with their families in real-life interactions, we strive to redefine the notion of short videos as more than mere entertainment. We are committed to promoting meaningful connections and social engagement all throughout the year.”

To inspire and showcase the profound connections that can be forged through Likee, the platform has shared inspiring stories of fathers who have utilized the platform to connect with their children in extraordinary ways. Fado Mgody, hailing from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has captivated audiences with his entertaining short-form videos, fostering an uplifting bond with his son. By sharing precious moments and immortalizing them in a virtual diary, Fado has strengthened their relationship and recommends others to do the same.

Another remarkable father, Eyad Mohammad El Bakkar, known as “Bakkar Family” on Likee, has transformed his passion for content creation into a shared experience with his children. Through engaging videos, Eyad has not only entertained his audience but also brought his family closer together. Moreover, by involving his loved ones in the creative process, they have forged unforgettable memories while inspiring others to cherish their own family moments.

These passionate stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of Likee in fostering deeper connections between fathers and their children. By using the Father’s Day “Yes or No” quiz filter, users can follow in the footsteps of these creators in celebrating their families while capturing and sharing their own special moments of love, joy, and gratitude for their fathers. By empowering users to express their love and gratitude for their fathers through sincere short-form videos, Likee has over time become a platform that not only entertains but also inspires. As users across the globe embrace Likee’s new Father’s Day quiz filter, the platform remains at the forefront of connecting people, fostering creativity, and celebrating the cherished moments that shape our lives.


About Likee

Likee is a vibrant interest-oriented community connecting millions of users based in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia via short-form video creation. It provides an inspiring platform for everyone to find and connect with like-minded people ranging from lip-syncer to sports enthusiasts.  On Likee, creators can seamlessly navigate and identify the right audience, share their stories as well as establish meaningful connections with their followers with ease.

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