Aster DM Healthcare re-affirms its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

One of the leading healthcare providers in the Middle East, Aster DM Healthcare paves the way for Exemplary Healthcare in Saudi Arabia through Aster Sanad Hospital in Riyadh, in alignment with Vision 2030.

Aster DM Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare conglomerates in the Middle East, re-affirmed its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through Aster Sanad Hospital, a multispecialty hospital located in Riyadh. Further to its presence in Saudi Arabia since 2015, Aster DM Healthcare has taken the next step towards offering high-quality healthcare services complemented by advanced medical facilities, by confirming to cater to the healthcare needs of all families, from day-to-day care to advanced surgical needs.


Aster DM Healthcare, an integrated healthcare service organisation, has been the source of reliable healthcare services across the GCC for 30 years now. One of the largest private healthcare service provider Aster operates through its world-class network of 19 hospitals, 101 clinics and 207 pharmacies across 9 countries and still growing.


Stressing on Aster Sanad Hospital’s leading role, Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and CEO of  Hospitals and Clinics- GCC at Aster DM Healthcare said, “Aster Sanad Hospital is a perfect representation that reflects the ethos of Aster DM Healthcare. In fact, Aster Sanad’s vision of providing superior medical care stands strong with our commitment of providing quality healthcare that is easily accessible for all. We want to empower the society of Saudi Arabia to enjoy a good quality and healthy life, through catering to all their healthcare needs and I am confident that Aster Sanad Hospital will set a benchmark for quality healthcare in the Kingdom and be recognised as the most preferred healthcare provider for all.


Starting from a single clinic in UAE in 1987 to a large network of 327 operating units, Aster DM Healthcare has a strong track record of setting benchmark healthcare practices with the highest standards of patient care. As a part of the global network, Aster Sanad will continue

to provide superior healthcare services to the people of KSA with international standards of quality care, supported by a team of highly qualified doctors and technologically advanced medical facilities. Aster Sanad Hospital will offer various specialty and sub-specialty treatments including complex procedures.

Aster Sanad Hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment, and a highly skilled team of consultants, surgeons, trained nurses, technicians, and ancillary staff. Today, the hospital is known as a multi-specialty surgical house that has conducted more than 10,000 neurosurgeries, 3000 heart catheterization, 5000 orthopedic surgery, 3000 urology surgeries to name a few. The medical institution has also successfully managed simple to complex procedures across various specialties like Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neuro & Spine, in addition to Bariatric Surgeries. It also prides itself to be accredited by the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) and Saudi Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (CBAHI).

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